Put extra style into your labels with this versatile and portable labeller.

Label Sizes
User Interface
Print SpeedUsage Option

Choose from 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 and 36mm label width to suit your labelling needs

QWERTY keyboard layout for enhanced table-top usability and familiarityIncrease productivity and efficiency with a fast print speed of 10 mm /sec

Choose between standalone usage or via PC connection to allow enhanced label design and printing with the P-Touch Editor Software


The PT-9600 is a desktop labeller. This feature-packed model can be used as a portable labeller, or connected to a PC or Mac, and print the time and date on its labels. It can also print up to 5 lines, in eight font sizes and 12 type styles. Over 100 different symbols and 19 frame styles are available to jazz up your labels. Besides being able to store 99 labels to memory, it also has a huge, back-light display.

The PT-9600 operates on the included AC adapter and re-chargeable battery, and comes with starter black and white laminated TZ tape, USB Interface cable, CD-ROM, user's manual and warranty.


Download Brochure (PDF) Download Brochure (PDF)

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