Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Brother strongly believes in being a responsible corporate citizen, and this is reflected in our broad range of corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies and programmes. The sections below provide a detailed look at Brother's CSR initiatives.

Brother South Africa's CSR Projects

Brother South Africa's CSR Projects

Brother partners for sustainable learning at the Olievenhoutbosch Christian School in Johannesburg

Brother International South Africa (Pty) Ltd, a leader in home and business IT peripherals worldwide,has partnered with the Olievenhoutbosch Christian School situated in the Olievenhoutbosch township north of Johannesburg to improve and upgrade not only the bricks and mortar but the standard of schooling provided to the 172 local children enrolled.

The second phase of the project involved further structural improvements to the school buildings and supplying new Grade 0 – 4 textbooks and reading books for the 2015 school year.

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Our Customers and Associates

Our Associates


The Brother Group places the customers first, everwhere, every time, demonstrating its motto: "At your side". By quickly and consistently providing superior value, the Brother Group builds strong, long-lasting relationships with customers, gaining their loyalty.


Our Associates

Our associates are positive members of society, that share the company's valuse, continually learn and improve, maximize their capabilities, strive to achieve their goals and untimately, contribute to our success

The Brother gruop respects diversity and provides a working enviroment that enables our associates to utilize their talents and abilities to the fullest.



Employees are important stakeholders to Brother. We are building Brother as a company in which our employees take pride. Communication between management and employees is important to the company, as Brother recognises that communication is an important driver of employee engagement.

In promoting constructive dialogue between management and employees, our quarterly communication session is a channel for sharing company information with employees and also for them to raise concerns through open discussion with management.

Brother is committed to providing a workplace in which our employees are respected and in which they take pride.


Brother recognises the importance of having talented leaders at all levels of our organisation. We invest in the development of all our employees. Our leaders attend leadership training in the areas of Performance Management and Appraisal, Building and Leading Teams and Leadership Competencies.

We recognise strong leadership is critical to organisational success and employee engagement. Training helps to develop this critical capability and allows our talent to grow.

At Brother, we know that behind our success, it's our people who make the difference.

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The Environment - Brother's Contribution

The Environment - Brother's Contribution


As an environmentally responsible corporate citizen, Brother's printing solutions are all friends of the earth. Brother is the first and only printer manufacturer to achieve the coveted TCO standard-the toughest environmental standard in the world-since 2002. This is a globally recognised benchmark for excellence in ecology, energy, emissions and ergonomics.

The Brother Group in Japan established the 5R concept, which lays the foundation and sets the guidelines for active participation in global efforts. As a member of the Brother Group, Brother International Singapore is also guided by these environmental policies, and we have adopted the 5R concept as a basis for our own environmental activities:

1. REDUCE waste material by recycling
2. REUSE products and waste material
3. REFUSE to buy environmentally unfriendly products
4. REFORM materials and use again
5. RECYCLE rather than scrap

Our machines' eco-friendliness is determined by the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive. There is restricted use of certain hazardous substances-such as lead, mercury and calcium -in the manufacture of our products. On top of that, our machines are labelled Energy Savers, which means they consume less power, and therefore contribute to our holistic approach to being environmentally friendly. At Brother, we provide the ideal solutions that exceed expectations now and into the future. We aimed to be "At Your Side" every step of the way.


Brother consumables are manufactured to exacting, environmentally friendly specifications. Brother worldwide is committed to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and through these controls we ensure that quality and reliability are built into every consumable and machine we manufacture. Furthermore, everything we manufacture is produced to worldwide health and safety standards.

ISO 14001 Accreditation

Only four Japanese and six international manufacturing facilities, including that of Brother's, have been accredited with the strict ISO 14001 conservation standards for the environment.

Energy Star Approval

Our Laser Printers, Multi-Function Centres (MFCs) and Faxes comply with the International Energy Star Program. As a long-time Energy Star partner, all Brother Group companies worldwide have strong social and environmental responsibilities to contribute to a cleaner planet.

Brother's Environmental Protection Measure

Our printers and MFCs have adopted a printing system that reduces consumables wastage. This printing system ensures that users no longer have to throw away a drum or inkjet printheads every time the toner or ink cartridge has been depleted. Toners and ink cartridges may now be replaced separately. Additionally, all our models have a draft print mode to reduce the amount of toner or ink required for standard prints.

TCO99 Accreditation

Brother is the only printer manufacturer with TCO99 certification. TCO99 is an exacting standard governing product safety, ergonomics, handling and physical design, working environment emissions, total environmental management strategy, manufacturing processes, ecology and the operator's manual.

Brother's Green Purchasing Policy

Brother promotes activities that are environmentally friendly. Such practices include purchasing products using a recommended product list, which includes items ranging from toilet paper to company vehicles.

Brother and Recycling for the Environment

Brother (Japan) established a recycling centre in Japan in 1998. This centre is capable of disassembling, separating, classifying, recovering and then recycling waste products. Items that are recycled include waste plastics, substrates and motors.

GOING GREEN! Brother supports environment conservation

Everyone can make a conscious effort to make our environment a better place. Brother South Africa is also doing its part to contribute to going green!

We are proud to be involved in initiatives that encourage recycling in support of environment conservation.

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Save the Earth.

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