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Brother™ TD and P-touch® label printers are flexible enough to handle many laboratory and pharmacy labeling needs including medication labels, prescription labels, specimen labels, microscope slide labels and much more.

In a laboratory environment, where chemicals, abrasion, extreme temperatures and moisture are commonplace, it is very important to label glassware, specimen containers, storage containers, and shelving with laminated P-touch® labels that are durable enough to survive these harsh conditions.

Where harsh environments are not a concern, Brother's low-cost paper labels, using our Brother™ TD label printers, are ideal for:

  • Prescription labels
  • Bar-coded medication labels
  • Microscope slide labels
  • Cultured specimen labels
  • Report labels
  • CD and reference material labels


Brother Solutions for Your Medical Office Labeling Needs:

Brother™ QL-650TD

Desktop Time/Date

Label Printer

PT - 9700PC

Industrial Desktop Label Printer

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Print cost-effective paper labels for microscope slides, cultured specimen, reports, and reference materials as well as prescription labels and bar-coded medication labels, from your PC. The Brother™ QL-650TD also has a real-time clock for printing time and date lab or pharmacy labels.Print laminated labels for laboratory glassware, specimen containers, storage containers, and shelving from your PC. Labels are durable enough to withstand extreme moisture, temperature, chemicals and abrasion.


The Benefits of Using Brother for Your Laboratory or Medication Labels

Print professional looking labels for medications, prescriptions, and many pharmacy needs. Print labels for laboratory slides, cultured specimens, and much more. Using Brother's label printing solutions, you can choose from cost-effective paper labels or durable laminated labels. Either choice gives you the quality of a Brother™ product and the convenience and efficiency of on-demand labeling.

Learn More About Medication, Laboratory or Pharmacy Labels with Brother

Learn more about how Brother P-touch® and Brother TD and QL label printers can help your business print medication labels, prescription labels and other pharmacy or laboratory labels on demand.


If you have any questions or would like more information about a particular Brother labeling solution, feel free to contact us or call us at 1800 BRO-CORP(1800 276 2677).