The PT-7600 comes packed with features and functions that have been developed as a result of research carried out to meet our customers’ needs.

With a rugged and durable design, the machine is designed with a protective rubber grip that not only offers protection, but also helps ensure the machine won’t slip from your grasp.

To further protect the unit, it comes in a carry case with storage space for additional tapes, accessories and an AC adaptor.


LCD Screen
PC Connectivity


Types of Tape
TZ Tape
Tape Size (mm)
6, 9, 12, 18, 24
Print Speed
Power Source
AC Adapter (Included), 8 "AA" size Alkaline Batteries
Connection Type
Standalone use, PC Connection
Font Sizes
Framing and Fill Pattern
15 Frames
Text Buffer
500 characters
Mirror Printing
Vertical Printing
Battery Weak Indication
Auto Power Off
Print Preview
Yes, only layout preview
Repeat Print
Yes, 1-99
2000 characters
Memory Save
Barcode Printing
Number of Lines Printable
1 to 7 lines
Type Styles
Normal, Bold, Outline, Shadow, Vertical, Italic, Italic Bold, Italic Outline
Auto Format Features

Dimension / Weight

Dimensions (mm)
134 x 235 x 78mm
Weight (g)


12 months Carry-in Warranty

Labelling Tapes

Consumable IDDescriptionType
TZ-111Black on ClearColour Tape
TZ-121Black on ClearColour Tape
TZ-131Black on ClearColour Tape
TZ-132Red on ClearColour Tape
TZ-133Blue on ClearColour Tape
TZ-135White on ClearColour Tape
TZ-141Black on ClearColour Tape
TZ-151Black on ClearColour Tape
TZ-211Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-221Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-222Red on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-223Blue on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-231Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-232Red on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-233Blue on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-241Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-242Red on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-243Blue on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-251Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-252Red on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-253Blue on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-315White on BlackColour Tape
TZ-325White on BlackColour Tape
TZ-334Gold on BlackColour Tape
TZ-335White on BlackColour Tape
TZ-344Gold on BlackColour Tape
TZ-345White on BlackColour Tape
TZ-354Gold on BlackColour Tape
TZ-355White on BlackColour Tape
TZ-421Black on RedColour Tape
TZ-431Black on RedColour Tape
TZ-435White on RedColour Tape
TZ-441Black on RedColour Tape
TZ-451Black on RedColour Tape
TZ-521Black on BlueColour Tape
TZ-531Black on BlueColour Tape
TZ-535White on BlueColour Tape
TZ-541Black on BlueColour Tape
TZ-551Black on BlueColour Tape
TZ-555White on BlueColour Tape
TZ-611Black on YellowColour Tape
TZ-621Black on YellowColour Tape
TZ-631Black on YellowColour Tape
TZ-641Black on Yellow100
TZ-651Black on YellowColour Tape
TZ-721Black on GreenColour Tape
TZ-731Black on GreenColour Tape
TZ-741Black on GreenColour Tape
TZ-751Black on GreenColour Tape
TZ-B31Black on Flu. OrangeColour Tape
TZ-B51Black on Flu. OrangeColour Tape
TZ-C31Black on Flu. YellowColour Tape
TZ-C51Black on Flu. YellowColour Tape
TZ-FA3Blue on White Fabric TapeColour Tape
TZ-FX211Flexible Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-FX221Flexible Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-FX231Flexible Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-FX241Flexible Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-FX251Flexible Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-FX611Flexible Black on YellowColour Tape
TZ-FX621Flexible Black on YellowColour Tape
TZ-FX631Flexible Black on YellowColour Tape
TZ-FX641Flexible Black on YellowColour Tape
TZ-FX651Flexible Black on YellowColour Tape
TZ-M31Black on Clear MatteColour Tape
TZ-M931Black on SilverColour Tape
TZ-M941Black on SilverColour Tape
TZ-M951Black on SilverColour Tape
TZ-N201Non-Laminated Black/WhiteColour Tape
TZ-N221Non-Laminated Black/WhiteColour Tape
TZ-N231Non-Laminated Black/WhiteColour Tape
TZ-N241Non-Laminated Black/WhiteColour Tape
TZ-N251Non-Laminated Black/WhiteColour Tape
TZ-S121Strong Adhesive Black on ClearColour Tape
TZ-S131Strong Adhesive Black on ClearColour Tape
TZ-S141Strong Adhesive Black on ClearColour Tape
TZ-S151Strong Adhesive Black on Clear Colour Tape
TZ-S211Strong Adhesive Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-S221Strong Adhesive Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-S241Strong Adhesive Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-S251Strong Adhesive Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-S261Strong Adhesive Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-S621Strong Adhesive Black on YellowColour Tape
TZ-S631Strong Adhesive Black on YellowColour Tape
TZ-S641Strong Adhesive Black on YellowColour Tape
TZ-S651Strong Adhesive Black on YellowColour Tape
TZ-SE4Security TapeColour Tape
TZ-CL3Cleaning Tape - 12MMMiscellaneous / Others
TZ-CL4Cleaning Tape - 18MMMiscellaneous / Others