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A structured, organised and efficient working environment increases your productivity and helps you grow the business. Make your working life easier with clearly labelled documents and items


Professional PTouch Labeller

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Improved efficiency with organised labelling

Whether your office is in a commercial building or at the back of a warehouse, P-touch laminated labels can help you stay organized. Our labels come in many sizes and colour combinations that expand the range of labelling applications. In addition, P-touch laminated labels can be made as an alternative to engraving name plates and badges, or for placing onto windows and glass for small signs, and even with a non-reflective matt finish for labelling originals

Labelling is key

Label your designated places. This very important step will help you and your co-workers locate needed items and ALSO guarantee that items are being returned to the correct location. Since we typically use only 20% of the items we have on a regular basis, it is easy to forget the correct location to return the other 80%. Therefore, labelling is the key.