New PT-E300VP

PT-E300VP is an industrial labelling machine for electrical and datacom industry

Price : ฿8,990

Label SizesUsage OptionsPrint SpeedPrint Resolution
Choose from 3.5, 6, 9, 12,18mm TZe or HSe label width to suit your labelling needsQWERTY keyboard layout for enhanced table-top usability and familiarityIncrease productivity and efficiency with a fast print speed of 20 mm/sec180 dpi / 128 dots

Engineered for the electricial and telcom industries, PT-E300 is an indispensible tool for users to create durable laminated labels on-site.

The PT-E300 Value Pack also comes in a sturdy hand-carry case with a rechargeable Li-ion battery and AC adapter.

It is designed to be remarkably user-friendly, with its QWERTY keypad and intuitive software navigation, you can print high resolution and long-lasting labels with ease.

Main Features

Heat Shrink Tube Feature

Heat Shrink (HSe) Tube feature designed to easily mark cables from 1.7mm to 10.6mm in diameter.

High Quality Labels with Auto-Lamination

Built-in Graphic LCD Screen With Backlight

Large graphic LCD screen allows for improved symbol search and lets users preview the labels before printing.

High Quality Labels with Auto-Lamination

Hot Keys For Industrial Use

Easy -to -use interface with dedicated function keys for industrial labelling. Such intuitive software navigation can enhance work efficiency.

High Performance Labeller

Fast Print Speed

New printing mechanism prints up to 2 times faster compared to current existing models.

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