Innobella™ Ink & Paper

Innobella™ is a brand new range of genuine consumables offered by Brother. Using cutting-edge ink technology designed to be absorbed perfectly with Brother’s uniquely engineered paper, Innobella™ equates incomparable reliability in print quality. What’s more, when Innobella™ is coupled with Brother’s new inkjet MFCs, you are guaranteed brilliant print outs – every time!

Pairing MFCs with Innobella™

Pairing MFCs with Innobella™

A large part of Innobella™ success lies in the seamless way the Innobella™ products work with our inkjet machines.

By combining the superior technology of Innobella™ with the advanced hardware and software enhancements of our new inkjet machines, your prints will be more brilliant!

Fine Droplet Enablement

Brother's new generation of inkjet MFCs incorporates a new advanced print head technology capable of producing an amazing 1.5pl (picolitre) ink droplet, which closes up ink droplet gaps and offers the capacity to accurately place these droplets on the paper. When used with Innobella™ Ink & Paper, this technology minimises graininess and delivers smoother printouts, giving you sharper results every time.

Memory Colour Technology

Brother's new Memory Colour Technology mimics the way we perceive colour in real life. Incorporated into each Brother machine is a database of true-to-life colours. Every colour in an image is carefully matched against the database colours to create the right blend of inks to ensure the most spectacularly realistic printouts. In essence, Brother's Memory Colour captures on print the colours you have captured in your memory.