Inkjet Printing

Inkjet Printing

Colour Inkjet Multi-Function Centres

Brother Colour Inkjet MFCs are the perfect technology for your home and office. The range allows you to colour scan, copy, print and fax from one compact unit designed for your use.

Eliminating the frustration of having to throw away unused inks, Brother's colour inkjet machines have separate ink cartridges for each colour. All you have to do is replace the empty cartridge - reducing waste and cost.

Inkjet Printing Process

How the Inkjet Printing Process Works…

  1. The Brother print head has four inkjet elements each for one of the 4 inkjet colours. These elements contain microscopic nozzles for delivering the ink.
  2. The print head moves back and forth across the paper creating the image.
  3. Ink is sprayed through these nozzles in the print head. An electric charge is used to form the droplets as they are sprayed.
  4. Gears and rollers advance the paper with exact precision each time - ready for the next pass of the print head.
  5. On print completion the paper is ejected.