Labelling Tapes

Labelling Tapes

Labelling Tapes

Get organised quickly and easily at home and at work with Brother’s P-Touch range of electronic labellers, which allow you to create professional, long-lasting and durable labels that are resistant to marks, rips, tears and water.

Tape Types

Laminated tape (TZ tape)

* Resistant to water, sunlight, chemicals, heat and cold
* Sticks to virtually any surface
* Durable and won’t fade or tear
* Can be used both indoors (e.g. on microwaves and freezers) and outdoors
* Does not leave a sticky residue when removed

Non-laminated tape (M tape)

* Perfect for general tape (Tamper Evident tape) (laminated)
* Has a special adhesive that leaves behind a checkerboard pattern on the surface if the label is removed
* Ideal for use on company equipment (Flexible Identification tape) (laminated)
* Made with special materials designed for labelling around sharp bends and on cylindrical surfaces
* Label will not lift up at the edges, ensuring complete adhesion
* Ideal for flagging cables

Strong Adhesive tape (laminated)

* Has twice the adhesive strength compared to regular P-Touch tape
* Can be used on a wide range of industrial materials
* Ideal for harsh environments and textured surfaces

Cleaning tape

* Cleans print heads after heavy usage for continuous optimum performance
* Good for up to 100 cleanings