Brother’s Managed Print Services: PrintSmartPlus

Brother’s Managed Print Services: PrintSmartPlus

Brother’s PrintSmartPlus Programme is a service developed to help companies set up a highly flexible and easy-to-manage printing and imaging solution with minimum start-up cost and low maintenance.

Many organisations overlook the importance of tracking their printing costs. According to Gartner, print spending can amount to 1 to 3% of a company’s annual revenue. As a substantial expense worthy to take note of, many organisations lack the tools to keep track of what they have spent in the last 12 months to be able to forecast what they will spend in the next year.

The many areas associated with a company’s printing and imaging environment, if left unchecked, lead to lower productivity, higher costs and even contribute to user frustration. For example, if the organisation decides to randomly change their printing and imaging environment without clear goals and planning, they may have unsuitable devices deployed that do not meet the end-user’s needs. Furthermore, the effort spent on supporting non-compatible devices using different consumables and third party providers will translate to an annual cycle of increasing costs and growing frustration from support personnel.

Brother has devised a solution that will bring order to your printing and imaging fleet that requires minimal active involvement from the end-user. It allows costs to be identified and structured to allow for accurate budgeting, which includes day-to-day servicing and fleet management that allows you to concentrate on your core business objectives instead.

This solution is called Brother’s PrintSmartPlus.

We have designed Brother’s PrintSmartPlus in a way that presents very little risk to our customers and is flexible from multiple facets.

Brother’s PrintSmartPlus brings you peace of mind and freedom from risk. With a minimal monthly operating expense required to maintain this programme, there will be no more instances of unforeseen capital expense related to your printer fleet in terms of support maintenance.

Brother and our PrintSmartPlus Programme’s partners will:

  • Ensure the smooth installation of devices
  • Perform an exercise that identifies your print and imaging needs
  • Service the devices using networked machines that communicate with Brother directly
  • Provide reporting via Brother’s specialised BRAdmin software
  • Guarantee consumables

With Brother’s PrintSmartPlus offering, you can keep your printer fleet up-to-date and serviced to ensure performance and productivity. Our 3-year onsite warranty also ensures continuity of service over the term of the contract.

With Brother’s PrintSmartPlus looking over your printer fleet, your staff can truly be freed up to concentrate on the essential tasks and services. Call Brother today and discover how we can deliver real savings and benefits through Brother’s PrintSmartPlus.

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