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Patch panel identification
Switch panel identification
Distribution box identification

Durable Laminated Label

Strong Adhesion
Our strong adhesive tape maintained an average of 50% more adhesive strength compared to our standard tape and is suitable for more demanding surfaces such as polypropylene.

Chemical Resistant
Lab test: A 500g weight with a chemical and solvent infused cloth was passed over the label 20 times. As the results show, the print quality of Brother P-touch laminated labels was unaffected.

Fade Resistant
Wherever you use P-touch laminated labels, they have been designed to stay as clear and legible as the day they were applied.

Abrasion Resistant
Brother’s patented tape lamination technology ensures that Brother P-touch laminated labels can withstand even heavy abrasion.

Water Resistant
Lab test: the tapes were firstly attached to glass slides and immersed in a variety of liquids for 2 hours. No change in appearance or structure of the labels occurred, and the labels remained affixed to the slides.

Temperature Resistant
Whether you want to use our labels in freezing conditions or alternatively in extremely warm environments, our labels have been designed to last, we know this because we've tested them to the extreme. In fact, results show that Brother P-touch laminated labels can withstand temperatures from -80°C to 150°C.

Electrical Functions

The key feature about faceplate function is that the contents or text of label will always be centralized. There will be white space around the contents to bring emphasis on the label.
Key uses: Create labels to electrical outlets, wall plates, outlet covers

Cable Flag
To identify thinner cables, we can use cable flag function as more information can be put on the label, as compared to cable wrap label. Cable flags allow more content to be on the label when cable wraps are too small to display all content.
Key uses: Create labels to identify thinner cables such as optic fibres or wires

Serialized printing
Serialized printing enables users to design and print labels very quickly as they need not key in the whole range of numbers or texts manually. Users simply need to select the area in which serialized content is needed and input the interval as required.
Key uses: Create labels with serialized numbering in continuous intervals in a fast and easy way.

Cable wrap
Cable wrap function allows labels to be printed in vertical order. Also, contents on labels are repeated such that the text or symbols can be seen from all directions.
Key uses: Create labels to be wrapped around cables/wires

Patch panel
Patch panel function allows contents to be printed in horizontal order. There are also various frame designs which you can choose to separate the contents on the label.
Key uses: Create labels to identify various types of panels, such as network patch, distribution boards and terminal blocks


Portable PC-Connectable Laminated Labeller

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Create professional, durable, laminated labels for cables, faceplates, consumer units and other electrical and datacom installations.

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PT-E300VP is an industrial labelling machine for electrical and datacom industry.

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Professional PTouch Labeller

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Professional PTouch Labeller

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