PT-H105 Stylish Portable Handheld Electronic Labeller

RSP : SGD 68

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Labelling Tapes/Accessories

Consumable IDDescriptionType
TZ-111Black on ClearColour Tape
TZ-121Black on ClearColour Tape
TZ-131Black on ClearColour Tape
TZ-132Red on ClearColour Tape
TZ-133Blue on ClearColour Tape
TZ-135White on ClearColour Tape
TZ-211Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-221Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-222Red on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-223Blue on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-231Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-232Red on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-233Blue on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-315White on BlackColour Tape
TZ-325White on BlackColour Tape
TZ-334Gold on BlackColour Tape
TZ-335White on BlackColour Tape
TZ-421Black on RedColour Tape
TZ-431Black on RedColour Tape
TZ-435White on RedColour Tape
TZ-521Black on BlueColour Tape
TZ-531Black on BlueColour Tape
TZ-535White on BlueColour Tape
TZ-611Black on YellowColour Tape
TZ-621Black on YellowColour Tape
TZ-631Black on YellowColour Tape
TZ-721Black on GreenColour Tape
TZ-731Black on GreenColour Tape
TZ-B31Black on Flu. OrangeColour Tape
TZ-C31Black on Flu. YellowColour Tape
TZ-FA3Blue on White Fabric TapeColour Tape
TZ-FX211Flexible Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-FX221Flexible Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-FX231Flexible Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-FX611Flexible Black on YellowColour Tape
TZ-FX621Flexible Black on YellowColour Tape
TZ-FX631Flexible Black on YellowColour Tape
TZ-M31Black on Clear MatteColour Tape
TZ-M931Black on SilverColour Tape
TZ-N221Non-Laminated Black/WhiteColour Tape
TZ-N231Non-Laminated Black/WhiteColour Tape
TZ-S121Strong Adhesive Black on ClearColour Tape
TZ-S131Strong Adhesive Black on ClearColour Tape
TZ-S211Strong Adhesive Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-S221Strong Adhesive Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-S231Strong Adhesive Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZ-S621Strong Adhesive Black on YellowColour Tape
TZ-S631Strong Adhesive Black on YellowColour Tape
TZ-122Red On Clear Tape (9mm)Colour Tape
TZ-123Blue On Clear Tape (9mm)Colour Tape
TZ-231SBlack On White Tape (12mm)Colour Tape
TZ-324Gold On Black Tape (9mm)Colour Tape
TZ-431SBlack On Red Tape (12mm)Colour Tape
TZ-635White On Orange Tape (12mm)Colour Tape
TZ-931Black On Silver Tape (12mm)Colour Tape
TZ-D31Black On Fluorescent Green Tape (12mm)Colour Tape
TZEMQG35Laminated White on Lime Green Matt (12mm)Colour Tape
TZEMQP35White on Berry Pink Matt (12mm)Colour Tape
TZ-FX111Black On Clear Tape (6mm)Colour Tape
TZ-FX121Black On Clear Tape (9mm)Colour Tape
TZ-FX131Black On Clear Tape (12mm)Colour Tape
TZ-M21Black On Clear Tape (9mm)Colour Tape
TZ-N531Black On Blue Tape (12mm)Colour Tape
TZ-N631Black On Yellow Tape (12mm)Colour Tape
TZ-S111Black On Clear Tape (9mm)Colour Tape
TZ-S611Black On Yellow Tape (6mm)Colour Tape

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