The PT-3600 is an excellent stand alone or PC and Mac compatible electronic labelling machine.

Label SizesUser InterfacePrint SpeedUsage Options
Prints up to 36mm to suit your labelling needsQWERTY keyboard layout for enhanced table-top usability and familiarityIncrease productivity and efficiency with a fast print speed of 10 mm/secChoose between standalone usage or via PC connection to allow enhanced label design and printing with the P-Touch Editor Software

The PT-3600 is ideal for users requiring a desktop labeller with PC/Mac connectability, which operates with the P-touch Editor software accompanying it, or it can be used as a stand-alone labeller.

User-friendly features include the new multi-function cutter which is capable of printing labels consecutively giving a string of labels that is half-cut and ready to peel easily.

The large semi-graphical LCD LCDLCD (Liquid Crystal Display). It is the display on the control panel of the machine which can be used to view menus, user prompts. When there is a COLOUR screen – images can also be displayed. Need Pop-up help? Yes | Nodisplay allows you to preview up to 20 characters on 3 lines, making it easy to preview options for barcodes, fonts, size, width, style, frames, alignment, margins and length.

Main Features

High Quality Labels with Auto-Lamination

High Quality Labels with Auto-Lamination

Ideal for a wide range of work environments from manufacturing to retail, P-Touch laminated labels are designed to withstand moisture, extreme temperatures, UV rays, industrial chemicals and abrasion.

Cost Saving

Cost effectively produce professional employee name badge labels(up to 36mm) on demand. Virtually eliminate the costs associated with replacing permanent name badges.

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